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Lieutenant Commander Harriet Callander

Name Harriet Annalise 'Hattie' Callander

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species El-Aurian
Age 28
Birthdate March 3rd, 2360
Birthplace Vega Colony

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 132 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Hattie is a tall El-Aurian woman with brown hair and green eyes. She has a curvy figure and is physically fit thanks to maintaining a healthy diet and exercising a few times a week. Harriet is the tallest member of her family with the exception of her older brother although she is only two inches shorter than her solitary male sibling


Spouse Christopher Callander (2376-2384)
Children Aquilina Harriet Callander (b. 2378)
Father Yuriel Galea
Mother Camanae Galea
Brother(s) Captain Reuben Galea (Starfleet Command) (b. 2357)
Sister(s) Edith Galea (b. 2366)
Florence Galea (b. 2368)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Hattie is a laid back person who takes things as they come. She is a determined individual who always has more than one option to fall back on if her Plan A doesn't work. Generally preferring not to socialise outside of work - except for special occasions - Hattie usually likes to keep her work and private life as separate as possible

Personal History/Background Information Coming soon
Service Record 2378-82: Starfleet Academy (Cadet)
2382: Graduated at the rank of Ensign
2382-85: USS Glorious NCC-1879-A (Tactical Officer)
2383: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
2385-85: Starfleet Tactical (Tactical Officer)
2385: Promoted to Lieutenant
2385-86: USS Glorious NCC-1879-A (Assistant Chief Tactical/Security Officer)
2386-88: USS Glorious NCC-1879-A (Chief Tactical/Security Officer)
2386: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
2388-pres: USS Scorpio NCC-77947-B (Chief Tactical/Security Officer)