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Lieutenant Valenna

Name Valenna

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan
Age 122
Birthdate 2267
Birthplace Vulcan

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 11"
Weight 176 lbs
Hair Color Chocolate brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Valenna has short dark brown hair, the length of a bob. Her skin is fair with a little bit of wrinkles since she is on in her years. She has an average height and weight. Every now and then she will wear a lipstick color because she likes to wear lipstick, but that's the only makeup she will wear.


Spouse T'Mar (widow)
Children None
Father Sarek
Mother Vauula
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Valenna has a dry sense of humor, the most noticeable thing about her personality, which usually is shown through her sassy comments. She likes to be sarcastic around people she is close with but she is also very empathetic, which makes her an excellent counselor.

Valenna is also a very old woman, and with age comes wisdom. She has served for a very long time in Starfleet and as seen a lot of things in her past. She uses her wisdom to her advantage in situation where it comes in handy. A lot of her wisdom is shown through her work and dedication, but it is also another side of her personality that is not shown as much unless she develops a strong bond with someone and that is her motherly side. Valenna never had children (even though she wanted them) so sometimes she likes to treat the people she cares about as if they were her own children.

Personal History/Background Information Valenna was born on the planet Vulcan to Sarek and Vauula. Sarek worked as a medical doctor on Vulcan specializing in emergency medicine while Vauula worked as a school teacher. By the time Valenna was 10 years old, her family had decided to leave the planet as her father got a position serving as a medical officer aboard a starship. Valenna was raised for another 10 years aboard the USS Phoenix where she learned the life of being a civilian aboard a starship.

Eventually her father died in action on an away mission. The away team had made first contact with a civilization and had gone terribly wrong with some of the away team being taken hostage and some of the officers (including her father) being tortured and killed. Valenna took the news horribly, but eventually was able to move on rather quickly.

In 2288, Valenna enrolled in Starfleet with an undecided major. She felt like she wanted to enroll into the medical program in honor of her father serving as the Chief Medical Officer of the USS Phoenix, but upon taking some first aid training she realized that medicine was not really her field, or at least she didn't like the aspect of actually performing surgery, but she did like bedside manner. She eventually switched her major to science. She started out in the hard sciences (chemistry, physics, astronomy) and realized that it also was into something she was interested in. Eventually she took a history class and declared a concentration in Historical Anthropology and Archeology with a minor in Psychology.

Her first assignment was aboard the USS Freedom, serving as a science officer, specializing in sociology. She helped with missions that involved studying different cultures. She served aboard there until its decommission in 2308 where she transferred to the USS Rogue, serving as a science officer, a historical anthropologist/archeologist. There she met another officer whom she began dating, T'Mar. T'Mar served as an engineer aboard the USS Rogue. The two dated and eventually she shared her pon farr moment with T'Mar, but she was not able to get pregnant. Valenna and T'Mar both served on the USS Rogue for 25 years before marrying T'Mar and eventually leaving the Rogue after T'Mar got a position on Earth with the Stafleet Corps of Engineers.

In 2333, Valenna and T'Mar moved to earth and while T'Mar served with the SCOE, she served as ap professor at Starfleet Academy teaching courses in Psychology. She also worked part-time as a family/marriage/sex therapist, while also teaching classes in sexology, sociology, and history. Working as a professor for 15 years, she eventually was sent on a special away mission as a diplomatic attaché with Starfleet Intelligence to stop counter-terrorism. When she returned a year later, in 2349, she discovered her husband T'Mar had died. She spent one more year serving as a professor before eventually joining back into the fleet serving as a counselor aboard the USS Renaissance for 40 years before transferring to the USS Scorpio.
Service Record 2293- Science/Sociologist on USS Freedom
2308- Historical Anthropologist/Archeologist on USS Rogue
2333- Professor of Psychology at Starfleet Academy.
2348- Diplomatic Attaché on [redacted].
2349- Counselor on USS Renaissance
2389- Counselor on USS Scorpio