USS Scorpio

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Arriving at Omega Centauri

Posted on Sat Feb 23rd, 2019 @ 2:14am by Captain Audrid Kane & Commander Samuel Aubrey & Lieutenant Commander Croesus Rivers & Lieutenant Commander Leland Rogers & Lieutenant Charles McCullen & Lieutenant Ogg & Lieutenant Jonathan Forrest

Mission: Episode 5 - Nightmare on Omega Centauri
Location: Various, USS Scorpio
Timeline: MD5 - 1700


Exactly as predicted only five hours from the start of the jump, the Scorpio had moved 200 lightyears. Now finding itself just outside of the star system holding the Omega Centauri colony. As the ship returned to normal space, Audrid immediately turned to the view screen.

"Yellow alert, raise shields" Audrid ordered, a reasonable precaution considering the nature of their mission. Immediately following the order she turned towards Croesus and Ogg. "Is the probe ready?" She asked.

Lt. Ogg nodded from his position at the Engineering master console, "The probe is ready to go. A lot more efficient than the prototype too. Even had parts left over after I put it together..."

The Ferengi began muttering to himself about improvements that could be made to the design as he returned his attention to the console he was manning.

" Captain decripting the missing sequence, the probe is on line. We're ready to proceed." Croesus Rivers reported from Science.

"Excellent, launch the probe. Bridge to Flight Operations, prepare the runabout and a fighter escort as planned. Lieutenant McCullen, I want you at the helm for now but be ready to head for the runabout" She said following the confirmation

"Aye ma'am," Charlie responded, he always relished the opportunity to pilot shuttles and support craft. Not that piloting the Scorpio was boring, but there was something about the feel of a small ship that you couldn't get sitting at the helm of a starship.

Hangar Bay

Lee was already in the hangar bay clad in a flight suit in preparation for the away mission. He looked to the escort pilots and TSOs that would fly cover for the runabout. "Captain, Lieutenant Commander Rogers. Two Gryphons and two Valkyries are prepped for reconnaissance escort when you give the command."

"Roger, Commander Rogers" Audrid replied, admittedly she was going to enjoy using that particular sentence more often.

Lee glanced at the flight teams and nodded towards the fighters. "Saddle up."

Jonathan nodded at his superior a smile tugging the corners of his lips up. "Aye sir," he replied before moving to climb in the cockpit of the nearest Valkyrie and strapped himself in.

Lee reconsidered his order for the flight team to mount up. It could still be several minutes before Lieutenant Commander Rivers and Lieutenant McCullen arrived for the mission. "Actually belay that. We'll go over any last minute details before launch."

"Understood,"Jonathan replied as he unstrapped himself and climbed out of the fighter craft. He decended the ladder and move towards the shuttlebay exit to wait for the others.


"Commander Rivers, are our sensors or the probe detecting anything out of the ordinary?" Audrid asked, hoping that by now they would have some feedback.

"Scanning, indications negative at this time. Alternating sensor readings to confirm this. I am detecting an energy reading on the planet." Croesus Rivers reported.

With neither an immediate threat or for that matter an explanation for what was going on apparent for the loss of contact it was now time to take the runabout in for a more thorough investigation. "Commander Rivers, Lieutenant McCullen head for the runabout. You are cleared for the mission, Tactical keep our weapons ready to engage at the first sign of a threat" Audrid ordered before turning to Sam. "If the runabout finds nothing in the area we will need to beam to the surface of the planet. I want you to lead an away team with Security, Science and Medical personnel" she said silently enough to not be heard by the others on the bridge.

"Yes, Ma'am," replied Aubrey. He prepared to send out mission orders to the required teams.

"Aye ma'am," Charlie responded, signing out of the helm and handing it over to an Ensign who he had called to be on standby and standing from his chair. He turned to Rivers, "ready, commander?"

" I was born ready Charlie." the half blood Science Officer replied.

"Understood, weapons standby" the Officer behind Tactical said as he increased power to both phasers and torpedo launchers.

"Let's get this show on the road" Audrid concluded as the various departments jumped into action.

McCullen nodded to the commander, waiting for the senior officer to take the lead. He was more than ready to get out in a small craft.

Croesus moved out and awaiting the others in the lift.

The young helmsman followed the commander into the lift, McCullen was already running pre-flight in his head.

With the first teams out now was the time to wait, though admittedly the lack of a hail even this close to Omega Centauri did not predict much good.


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