USS Scorpio


Getting Squared Away

Posted on Thu Apr 18th, 2019 @ 1:05am by Major Jiyoon Wilson
Edited on on Thu Apr 18th, 2019 @ 1:10am

Mission: Episode 5 - Nightmare on Omega Centauri
Location: Deck 8 - Marine Armory
Timeline: Mission Day 9 - 0815 Hours

Turning the corner Major Jiyoon Wilson comes to a stop before the Marine Armor door.

"Computer, recognize Wilson, Jiyoon, Major, Starfleet Marines, Access Code One Gamma Alpha Seven Five Five. Assigned to 20th Force Reconnaissance Company as Commander effective at 0600 Hours Zulu this morning," says Major Wilson.

"Identity Confirmed, Company Command Level Access Granted." replies the computer's gentle voice as the door to the Marine Armory hisses open.

Major Wilson steps forward and carefully navigates the container into the open armory room. The walls are lined with the tools of the Starfleet Marine's trade, Hardened Phaser Rifles, Assault Hand Phasers, and Photon Grenades. Large personnel lockers like the Starboard wall and Jiyoon notices one is blinking green for unlocked. Jiyoon approaches the locker, leaving the transport container he's been guarding slightly back as he enters his access code into the locker panel changing it from the Green of Unassigned to the Yellow of Unlocked. He turns to the Transport Container and unlocks it as well. The sides of the container retract opening the container and displaying the sleek black silhouette of the Marine Combat Exosuit. With the care fitting a piece of equipment that has saved his life several times over, Jiyoon lifts the suit from the storage arms in the transport container and moves it to its new home in the personal locker. "Now, my old friend you rest here until Duty calls to us again," says Jiyoon as he makes sure the suit connections are attached to the power and data ports inside the locker. A quick check of the status readout shows the suit is now integrated into the Scorpio>/i>'s systems and ready for action.

Jiyoon closes the locker and secures it with his personal access code. Reaching down into the bottom of the now mostly empty transport container he picks up his black duffle bag and hoists it on to his shoulder.

Turning to the Armory Door, Jiyoon says "Computer, I believe I am ready for you to show me the way to my quarters now," and a red location indicator line appears on the wall in the hallway. Stepping forward Jiyoon smiles slightly as he then adds, "And computer, can you take care of that transport container for me?"

"Affirmative" replies the computer as the Marine Armory doors slide shut behind Major Wilson